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How to choose the right cleansing bone for your dog



Cleaning the teeth and bones is a great pleasure for your dog, chewing is very enjoyable. However, there are too many clean tooth bones nowadays, and some are fake and inferior. If the dog eats it, it will affect his health. How to choose the right cleansing bone for your dog?
   When choosing a chewing product for your pet to clean your teeth, you should know your pet’s chewing habits, make sure the product is of the right size, and use the right materials or ingredients. For example, a large dog has a tendency to chew and swallow large chunks of bone. Similarly, a puppy should also be provided with the appropriate size and softer material to chew. Owners should always observe pets and provide them with a suitable cleansing bone. If the pet can bite and swallow large pieces of dental bone, then dental bone is not suitable for your pet.
  Owners also need to know and supervise, let their pets chew, no matter what kind of toothbrush or toy brand, they need to prevent pets from choking or swallowing directly. The cleansing bone can be chewed to provide what the dog needs. As a mature pet, biting your teeth and bones can help promote healthy teeth and gums. However, to ensure the health of your pet, it is best to consult your veterinarian first.
  According to the statistical research of the Veterinary Dentistry Society, dental bone cleaning can help remove plaque in dogs, control the accumulation of tartar, and keep the gums healthy. This helps eliminate bad breath in dogs, maintain white teeth, and reduce the potential for serious dental risks.
  The purpose of dentition cleaning is as a chewing treatment, it should not be an important part of your pet's diet. Always pay attention to the dog's diet and plan reasonably, so as to ensure adequate nutrition and health, and ensure that the dog can live a happy life.