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Basic nursing knowledge of pet dog


With the improvement of people's living standard, pet cosmetology has developed into professional technology instead of a single bath. Different dogs use different beauty tools and techniques. Most dogs follow the following 7 procedures.


1. Brush inside (tool needle comb): first brush inside the fur of the dog with the needle comb. You can brush the dead fur and knots on the dog's body to make the fur smooth, clean and glossy.


2. Carding (tool steel comb): after the hair is brushed inside, it can be combed again with steel comb to check whether there are small knots on the dog. If you don't comb the knots on your dog before taking a bath, it's not easy to comb and wash your dog's hair thoroughly after taking a bath.


3. Bathing: when bathing your dog, you must choose a shampoo suitable for your dog's hair. Generally, the water temperature for bathing is 35-45 degrees, while in winter, the water temperature is higher. Generally speaking, a long haired dog takes a bath once a week, while a short haired dog takes a bath once a half month.


4. Hair dryer: after bathing the dog, use the absorbent towel to dry more than water on the dog, and then use the hair dryer to dry the hair. When blowing, you can also comb your hair while blowing, so the hair will be naturally fluffy and beautiful.


5. Nail cutting: too long a dog's nails will affect walking difficulties, and can also cause some problems such as bone deformation, poor posture, etc. Even some dog nails are too long and pierce into the foot pad, which makes the dog very painful. Nail cutting looks very simple. In fact, when there is an article inside, you can't cut it too deep to avoid bleeding. If the dog has been cut once to bleed, it must not touch the foot next time, and its temper will become fierce.


6. Cleaning eyes and ear canal: dogs communicate with humans by eyes. When the eyes of dogs are uncomfortable, they will use claws to grasp, so it is easy to damage the eyes and cornea. The ear canal of dogs is also easy to be infected with otopathy (especially for dogs with long ears). Sometimes dogs scratch their ears from time to time, or shake their heads and have a pungent secretion, which are the characteristics of otopathy. Therefore, dogs should be cleaned in the animal beauty salon regularly. It is necessary to prevent all kinds of eye and ear diseases.


7. Hair trimming: healthy dogs are born clean. Sometimes the dog's hair is disordered, and the dog will lick it with its own tongue. Therefore, it is necessary to help them comb frequently and sometimes take the dog to the animal beauty salon regularly to trim the hair. For example, the dog's too long buttocks hair will affect defecation, the length of abdominal and leg hair will affect walking or easy to get dirty, and the foot hair will be too long when walking. Slip and fall easily. So all long haired dogs should be pruned regularly.